Tuesday, September 22, 2020

October Newsletter


4 members were added to the board for two years. Here are the vote counts

Karyl Miller 78,  Julie Menas 49,  Mark Cabaj 45,  Robin Del Pepe 29,       Jared Meyer 11


Dear Boardie,

Q. Is it okay to drape my wetsuit over my balcony railing?

A. No.

Q. How about my wet beach towel?

A. Uh uh.

Q. How about storage? Can I store stuff on my balcony?

A. Nope. Only patio furniture is allowed. Plants are okay IF there’s a plastic saucer under.

Q. How about a laundry line? Is that okay?

A. You gotta be kidding. Nobody wants to see your skivvies blowing in the wind.


RECYCLING VS. GARBAGE: What’s the diff?

Dear Boardie,

Q. Why recycle?

A. Recycling is good for everybody when it’s done right.

Q. What are the guidelines?

A.  We thought you’d never ask. Thanks! (It’s not that hard.)


BAD: FOOD WRAPPERS with food particles in them or a take-out box                             with cheese stuck to it or a Starbucks container still containing a drop of                             coffee and are NOT Recycling.


GOOD: If there’s food on it, it’s considered garbage and it should be put in a            plastic bag, tied at the top and dropped down the garbage CHUTE. The                         reason: Old food smells bad, especially cat food cans and attracts bugs and vermin who love bad smells.


AMAZON BOXES: Need to be emptied of packing materials and then opened            on  both ends and flattened: this is the owner’s job. Thanks in advance.                               

Large boxes need to be collapsed and taken by you down to the Dumpster                  Room in the upper garage. Your main house key will open the double                            doors.

 PIZZA BOXES – Never throw a pizza box in the trash chute.                                               

Q. Why not?


A. Pizza boxes often open as they travel down and block the chute. After that, garbage from higher floors gets backed up until the box can be fished  out, along with all the garbage on top of it. This puts a giant yukky burden on our  maintenance staff.


IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to scrape cheese and pizza particles off before you put your pizza box in the recycling.



 By the time you read this our elections for the board will have been completed, but the winners will be announced in the next newsletter because this newspaper had to be put to bed by September 15. We thank everyone who took the time to vote. However, for the uninitiated…


Dear Boardie,

Q. What does an HOA board member do, exactly?

A.  Approves all spending, such as (but not limited to):

§  Employee salaries, insurance, repairs, maintenance, upkeep of the common areas, purchasing of all new items like gym equipment, and replacement of all items both big and small like a new roof, all while working to keep your monthly dues down to $450.

§  Supervises our Maintenance staff

§  Reviews Architectural Requests and approves/not approve them

§  Evaluates all Violation Reports for compliance

§  Writes or re-writes rules

§  Happily answers any and all questions about the building

Covid Updates

As of this writing, no one in the building has caught Covid. Yay!

Everyone must wear a mask in the common areas - elevators and stairwells of the                                      building.

Wash your hands upon entering your unit.

Practice Social Distancing.

Only 10 people allowed in the pool area at a time.

Only 2 people allowed in the gym at a time and they must wear masks.



Recently our security cameras video-d a young man snooping into cars in the upper-                         garage and trying door handles. Remember not to leave anything showing on your                         seats that would tempt a would-be burglar and always lock your doors.


Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet

September Newsletter

 Dear Boardie,

Q. My kitchen sink is backing up. I know the 01-02 stacks, 03-04 stacks, 06-07 stacks and 08-09 each         share sink pipes. How do I find out if my neighbor’s sink is stuffed too?

Q. I keep hearing water dripping at night in my bathroom. How do I check with my neighbor to find out if   they hear it too?

Q.  It’s after 6 PM and my neighbor is drilling past the 5 PM time limit. How do I contact them?

Q. My neighbor is blasting Led Zeppelin music! How do I contact them to ask them to turn it down?

A.  All these questions can be solved by knowing your neighbor’s name and phone number.

Q.  How do I get those?

A. Take the initiative. Knock on each door. Tell your neighbors you’re making a private list of everyone     on your floor and ask if you can add their unit number, their name and their phone number to have in     case of emergencies. Type up and print out the list so everyone has a copy. (Boardie did                            this on her floor. Everyone cooperated! )

P.S. Anything involving water, sink back-ups, unexplained dripping sounds, water around the bottom of     your toilet, even a dark spot under the sink that could be a leak, please call or text our Building             Manager Joseph immediately. 619.339.3490

Pajama Party

August 10 the Board held a special meeting about the new roof on the computer app Zoom. Because there is so much interest in this project twenty-three owners “attended” via their computers. Poor attendance at Board Meetings is the norm, but when you can attend in your PJs and close to our snack stash, it’s the hottest ticket in town! Since the pandemic hit, many of us have become used to attending our Zumba classes, our informational webinars and now our HOA Board meetings on Zoom. Could Zoom be a trend, even after the pandemic? Let’s hope.

Dear Boardie,

Q. My neighbor hangs their wetsuit over their balcony railing, so does that mean I can do it too?

A. No, you can’t do it and neither can your neighbor. Please don’t hang anything – towels, flags,                   laundry over your railing. It looks ugly and it’s against the rules. For a copy of the Rules &                      Regulations - download from our website http://www.PacificTowerHOA.org

Q.  My new neighbor parks in the lower garage and is storing their used packing boxes between our              cars. So dumping cardboard boxes in the garage is okay?

A. Not OK! Your neighbor is not allowed to store anything in their parking space. Some owners, if           space allows, can squeeze a motorcycle in front of their car. But, anything that could be a fire hazard       will be removed and thrown out by our staff within 24 hours.

Q. I just moved in. Can I dump my bike with the other bikes I see in the lower garage?

A.  No. Please visit Building Manager Joseph Arellano to register your bike and get an ID sticker. He’ll          help you find an empty rack spot or see in certain cases, see if your bike can be hung on the wall.         If  you can’t connect during working hours, send him a text.

Covid Updates

As of this writing, no one in the building has caught Covid. Yay!

Everyone must wear a mask in the common areas of the building.

Wash your hands upon entering your unit.

Practice Social Distancing.

Only 10 people allowed in the pool area at a time.

Only 2 people allowed in the gym at a time and they must wear masks.

Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet

Friday, August 21, 2020

August 2020 Newsletter


Dear Boardie

    Q. PB is filled with people not wearing masks and partying like it’s 1999. So is the Covid scare         over?

    A. No! PB had a 120% spike in virus cases – the highest in the county. Time to go back in the            box!

    Q. What should I do?

    A. Wear your mask, wash your hands, practice safe distancing, ride the elevator alone, stay                 home if  you can and be careful all over again! It ain‘t over till it’s over!


Watch for symptoms

People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. People with these symptoms may have COVID-19:

Fever or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting


 When to Seek Emergency Medical Attention

Look for emergency warning signs* for COVID-19. If someone is showing any of these signs, seek emergency medical care immediately:

Trouble breathing

Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

New confusion

Inability to wake or stay awake

Bluish lips or face

*This list is not all possible symptoms. Please call your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning to you.

Call 911 or call ahead to your local emergency facility: Notify the operator that you are seeking care for someone who has or may have COVID-19.

Find a testing site in CA https://covid19.ca.gov/

A/O 7.12.20: Because of the demand, it now averages 8 days for test results. Consider isolating yourself till the results come back – otherwise what’s the point?


July marks the 2-year anniversary of Joseph Arellano as our dedicated Building Manager. We think he’s doing a terrific job at what is not an easy job - fielding complaints and putting out fires (figuratively!) all day and sometimes on nights and weekends. When you see him say thanks! Remember, if you have any problem, no matter how small call or text him at 858. 339.3490.


Dear Boardie,

    Q.  I thought the roof remodel would be started by now. What happened?

    A.  So much planning and so many factors have come together and there’s now a hold up on the        very first part of the roof job – the removal of the old roof. Stay tuned…


Dear Boardie,

    Q. What happened to the usual June Annual Party and Board Elections?

    A. Covid happened.

    Q. So what’s the plan?

    A. July 12, a notice came from PHOAC announcing the coming Board elections. A third-party         called  Ballot Box will be sending you a ballot. Elections will take place on Zoom, not in-                person.

    Q. Why should I vote?

    A.  The Board decides where your monthly $450 is going, so it’s an important choice.  We                    need at least 40 people to vote to qualify as a legit election.

 BONUS: As an incentive to vote we will raffle off a free month’s HOA fee to one voter. Odds are very good since there are only 118 possible voters. What have you got to lose?

Newsletter Written By Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet


Saturday, July 25, 2020

Happy Anniversary Joseph!

July marks the 2-year anniversary of Joseph Arellano as our dedicated Building Manager. We think he’s doing a terrific job at what is not an easy job - fielding complaints and putting out fires (figuratively!) all day and sometimes on nights and weekends. When you see him say thanks! Remember, if you have any problem, no matter how small call or text him at 858. 339.3490.

Roof News

Dear Boardie,
    Q.  I thought the roof remodel would be started by now. What happened?
    A.  So much planning and so many factors have come together and there’s now a hold up on            the very first part of the roof job – the removal of the old roof. Stay tuned…

Board Elections

Dear Boardie,
    Q. What happened to the usual June Annual Party and Board Elections?
    A. Covid happened.
    Q. So what’s the plan?
    A. July 12, a notice came from PHOAC announcing the coming Board elections. A third-party called        Ballot Box will be sending you a ballot. Elections will take place on Zoom, not in-person.
    Q. Why should I vote?
    A.  The Board decides where your monthly $450 is going, so it’s an important choice. You can vote     for those running or you can write in any name, including your own. We need at least 40 people to vote to qualify as an election.

BONUS: As an incentive to vote we will raffle off a free month’s HOA fee to one voter. Odds are very good since there are only 117 possible voters. What have you got to lose?

Newsletter Written By Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

July 2020 Newsletter

Dear Boardie,
Q. Any updates on the roof?
A.  Yes! There’s good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?
Q. Good.
A. Okay. After months of extreme and intense planning we are finally maybe possibly getting our much - promised new roof. Yessirree. If you sense a lack of conviction in my voice it’s because getting a new roof is COMPLICATED. I won’t bore you with the gory details. We’re going to have a beautiful new roof! The most beautiful roof in Pacific Beach. A perfect roof with a railing around it. A roof that will protect us from heat and rain like you won’t believe. And our roof will have a Davit drop-down system so the window washers can stop making like Spiderman.
Q.  You convinced me. I’m in love with the new roof idea. What’s the bad news?
A. We’re completely removing the old roof and starting from scratch. It will be noisy and dirty. A chute will be built to carry the debris from the roof down to the street. That probably won’t be pretty. There will be trucks, cranes, stacks of building materials. Planter beds are vulnerable but Landscape Committee was planning an update anyway.
Q. What about the roof job vis a vis the pandemic?
A. There will be up to eight workers who will be wearing facemasks in the common area. They will be using only one elevator, will have their own porta john and their health will be verified.

The Car You Save May Be Your Own

Recently early in the early AM, our security camera captured video of two sinister characters testing door handles of cars in the upper garage. If you follow NextDoor.com you are well aware that an unlocked car is an invitation to lose your valuables and possibly your car itself. Just lock it. So simple.

How to Be More Secure

As a precaution for Coronavirus transmission, our lobby door has been propped open during the day to minimize touching the handle. It gets closed around 5 (and if you come home at 5:30 and it’s still propped open – please move the sandbag and close the door).
Recently around 6 PM our Lobby security cameras caught a group of five young men letting themselves into the building using a pass code. They had towels and swim fins, obviously intent on taking a little dip in our swimming pool. Luckily they were foiled in their attempt because they had no key to the pool. But we don’t want any strangers wandering around the building.
So, it’s worth reminding people NEVER USE OR GIVE OUT the Mailman/FedEx’s secret 4 digit pass code (if you know it). The more people who have that code the more chance every Tom, Dick and Harry One-time Gig Worker can come back and just let themselves in any time they want. Not cool.
Your Pizza deliveryperson, furniture deliverymen or laborers should ONLY be punching in your separate passcode issued only to you. During Covid, we were hoping you would meet the deliverymen in the lobby so that fewer people pass through the building. However…
1.    Dial the resident’s personal unique SECRET 4 digit access number. Example: #5555 (don’t forget to type in the # hashtag) and the door will open.
2.    Dial the resident’s 4-digit Unit Number to call the resident’s phone so they can buzz you in.
Unit 215, Dial 0215 (we added the 0 to make it 4 digits)
Unit 1213, Dial 1213
(Note – not every phone is connected to the intercom.)

Monday, June 1, 2020

June Newsletter

Dear Boardie,
Q. All we hear about is Covid, Covid, Covid. Isn’t there any other news in the building?
A. There’s plenty of other building news but the pandemic will still be with us by the time you read this.

COVID PROGRESS REPORT. At the time of this writing, we know of no person in the building who has caught Covid. That’s very good news, but not time to let down our guard against this highly contagious and deadly disease. Wash your hands 20 seconds as soon as you come home. Wash your hands immediately after returning from the Laundry Room. Wear a mask.

BUILDING MANAGER – Our dedicated Building Manager Joseph Arellano is now back full time, and we appreciate his daily troubleshooting. BUT please practice Social Distancing and do not enter his office. Stand no closer than his doorway to chat with him. Call or text him at 619.339.3490. The virus is no excuse to ignore a problem in your unit like a leaky toilet or hearing a sound that seems wrong. Call Joseph!

LAUNDRY ROOM – Try to be alone. If someone is folding their laundry, come back later. Sure it seems unfriendly, but this is the new friendly.

POOL – The new Covid pool rules are working. No more than about ten swimmers can occupy the pool area, NO GUESTS. Our lounges will be washed down twice a week. Please remember to limit your sunning to 2 hours so others can enjoy the pool too.

ELEVATORS – This Covid rule needs to be taken more seriously. This is a time to NOT do the polite thing and invite strangers to crowd into the elevators with you. This is the time for Social Distancing. Try to ride the elevator alone or with your partner or take the stairs. Please don’t take offence if the elevator stops on your floor and the riders inside hold up their hands in the Stop Sign – choosing to ride alone. Forgive them. They are just being safe.

MASKS – Please for the sake of your health and the health of others, wear a mask. A mask will also create barrier so you don’t inadvertently touch your nose or mouth (which is how the virus gets in). 

PIZZA DELIVERY – If possible, meet your delivery person in the lobby so that less strangers from outside are in our elevators and hallways.

BUDDY SYSTEM – We thank our volunteer Buddies who have been helping residents in various ways such as computer coaching over the phone, getting groceries for people, going to the post office, rolling up notices and putting them on 118 doors and posting notices on the laundry room bulletin boards. If you are sequestered and need a Buddy’s help, contact Buddy Coordinators Brandt Montgomery or Karyl Miller. 


ANNUAL MEETING - Due to uncertainty about the virus we were not able to schedule our normal June Annual Meeting and Board Elections. Elections and Annual Meeting are postponed till possibly August or September.
There are also new State rules governing HOA Elections (having nothing to do with the virus) that must be adopted by the board this year. You will be getting a special mailing informing you about the elections and inviting you to nominate yourself. The annual meeting will probably take place on computer using Zoom and you will be given a notice on to how to log on.
Incentives to vote: As usual, we are offering one free month ($450) dues to one lucky voter. So vote!

UPDATE - ROOF! FINALLY! Our new roof project will begin around June 15 and will go on for about two months. First the old roof will have to be removed. A trash tunnel will be set up going all the way down to the street. It will be noisy and dirty and we are sorry for the inconvenience. Due to the virus precautions, roofers will be wearing masks in the common areas, and will have their own portable toilet

Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet

Monday, April 27, 2020

Coronavirus Update

Dear Boardie,

Q. What is Pacific Tower doing to protect us against Covid 19?

A. Pacific Tower HOA is doing its best to keep you safe. Things change daily so it’s a good idea to check the lobby bulletin board for the most current info.

It’s possible some people in Pacific Tower will come down with this highly infectious disease. They might have a light case or a severe case but either way, we want to make sure we do everything so that they have a successful quarantine and that they do not infect others.

If you are healthy but out of an abundance of caution are sheltering in place that’s good. Remember to disinfect your door handles and wash your hands the minute you get back from the laundry room or getting your mail. Open the package at your door and remove the contents. Dispose of the box in the laundry room and wash your hands immediately.

If you have contracted Coronavirus we urge you not to leave your unit for any reason. Stay off the elevators, stay out of the hall and laundry rooms and don’t get your mail. If you do not have a friend or family to help you, Pacific Tower has instituted a Buddy System. We will help connect you to someone who can go get a few groceries, medicines and other essential supplies so you do not need to leave your unit and they will leave them at your doorstep.


If you want to volunteer to be a Buddy or you need an errand run by a Buddy, please call or text Karyl Miller or Brandt Montgomery They are the Buddy Organizers and connect people in need with a Buddy who can help. You don’t need to be sick to have a Buddy helper, for example if you are elderly or have an underlying medical condition. But if you are sick, we need to know ASAP.

BUILDING MANAGER - Joseph Arellano will be here Monday, Wednesday and Friday till 12 or as needed and can be reached every day by call or text from 8 to 5 at 619.339.3490.

ELEVATORS – Please honor the 6-foot Separation Rule. If the elevator is occupied, take the next one or take the stairs. Crowding in is very DANGEROUS.

SENIORS - Our most vulnerable residents need your help to isolate themselves.
If there is a senior on your floor knock on their door and ask if you can run an errand for them. Some don’t use computers. Give them your phone number. Find out if they have a family member helping them in emergencies.

GYM and REC room – CLOSED. Pool – is open and safe to use due to chlorine but gym bathrooms are closed. Lounges have been removed since they cannot be disinfected but you may bring your own beach chair. Please stay 6 feet apart and consider wearing a facemask.

PACKAGE DELIVERY – Delivery persons have touched hundreds of doors and packages every day. After you handle your package, break down the box, wash your hands and deposit it in the laundry room. After returning to your unit, wash your hands right away. Make a habit of washing your hands each time you enter your apartment.

PIZZA and TAKE-OUT DELIVERY – Please meet the delivery person in the lobby. We are trying to minimize contact with people who visit many people whenever it is practical. (Eating take-out food isn’t entirely safe either because fast food workers do not get a day off if they are sick.) After properly disposing of the containers, place food on your clean plates and zap it in the microwave.

LAUNDRY ROOMS - Try to be alone. If someone is in there, give them a few minutes and come back later. Wash your hands right after using the trash chute, the machines and touching the door handle.

TRADESMEN and CLEANING SERVICES – Must check in at the office. Contractors must pledge that if a worker is sick with a cold, they will send them home immediately.

STAFF – Maintenance staff is working at reduced hours to minimize interacting with others. Joseph will be working from 8:30 AM to 2 PM. Do not enter Joseph’s office. Marvin is not coming in at all but our janitorial service is coming here every day.

TOILETS – Use only toilet paper. Baby wipes, paper towels and rags will stuff the plumbing and it could easily back up into your bathtub! If you must use something other than toilet paper, put it in a zip lock bag and toss it in the garbage.

Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet

Monday, March 30, 2020

Pacific Tower Blog http://www.PacificTowerHOA.org
Pacific Tower FAQs 

 Dear Boardie, I forgot – what does FAQs mean?
A. Frequently Asked Questions. It’s impossible to know everything about the building, so here’s a handy updated list with new phone numbers and websites. Rules listed aren’t the ONLY rules, but these are the most often broken. Vendors and tradesmen listed are some we use but you are always free to choose your own.

Please visit our blog http://www.PacificTowerHOA.org for lots of helpful articles and downloads, including our Rules and Regulations and other forms. Please see, call or text on-site Building Manager Joseph Arellano, with any and all questions, no matter how trivial at 619.339.3490.

AFTER-HOURS BUILDING EMERGENCIES: Professional HOA Consultants - 619.430.0695
BALCONIES: No plants without plastic plates underneath them. No smoking, rugs, laundry/wetsuits, towels, storage, BBQs, decorative string lights.
CATWALK: No smoking, party-ing, loud yakking, running, noise, music, wet towels or doormats.
CONSTRUCTION: 8 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday. Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM.
ELEVATOR RESERVATION FORM: Required for use of the elevator for delivery of furniture or removal of  remodeling debris etc. $50 per day.  Available on our blog, website or in the Lobby Office.
GARBAGE DISPOSALS: No Drano, Liquid Plumber, celery, artichokes, etc. Please use your common  sense or check the internet. And don’t forget to run lots of cold water while grinding.
HANDYMAN: West Coast Repairs (Doug Peters) 619.760.7975
KEYS: Your large square key opens the Front Lobby doors, Dumpster Room, Exterior stairway doors, Lower Garage Lobby Doors, Pool and Rec Room. You can get a second key for a deposit of $75. 
LOWER GARAGE GATE REMOTES are $35, available in the Lobby Office by check or money order.
LAUNDRY: You can use the machines on any floor.  Leave washer door open after using to prevent mold. Empty lint filter after using dryer. Do NOT prop open Laundry Room Doors by order of the Fire  Department.
LOBBY OFFICE HOURS: 8 AM to 5 PM weekdays. Call or text 619.339.3490.
LOCKSMITHS: IF the Lobby Office does NOT have your spare key you will need to call a locksmith. Never leave your spare key in your laundry room locker as they are easily broken into.
              Dup-a-Key 858.750.2224 (local in PB), Mike Grizzly Keys 858.444.0437.
MAID/CLEANING SERVICES: Please tell maids and cleaners not to throw boxes down the trash chute because boxes clog the chute.)
              Spanish: Por favor no tire cajas o bolletas por el ventedero dobasura.
              French: Ne pas jeter de boĆ®tes dans la goulotte.
              *Please don’t shake mops or beat rugs on the catwalk or balconies.
              Spanish: No sacuda los trapeadores ni golpee las alfombras en la pasarela or balcones.
              French: Veuillez ne pas secouer les vadrouilles ni battre les tapis sur les podiums ou les balcons
              *Don’t dump water on or over the balcony.
              Spanish: No tirar el agua en el balcon.
              French: Ne jetez pas d’eau sur le balcon.
MOVING IN, OUT OR LARGE DELIVERIES: Absolutely forbidden on weekends and evenings.  The reason is because there is no staff here to unlock the lobby double doors or to lock down and pad the elevator. Violators may be fined $250, so please take a weekday off work for this purpose and always fill out an elevator reservation form.  For last-minute deliveries, text the office at 619.339.3490.
PARKING: You can rent out or swap your parking place only temporarily.  It is deeded to your unit.
PEST CONTROL: Dewey Pest 858.272.3611.
PETS: Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Anyone can download Pet Rules from               http://www.PacificTowerHOA.org
PLUMBERS: Report any plumbing question (sink, toilet or water where it shouldn’t be or even the  sound of dripping) to the Building Manger so he can see the problem before it gets worse.
JC Plumbing 619.477.5001, Emory 858.483.6880,  Ramona Pacific 619.439.1830
POOL: Hours 8 AM to 10 PM.  Don’t dive, smoke, shout, play loud music or have glass bottles or food.
RECYCLING BINS: For paper, plastic and washed and dried cans. No garbage or containers with food particles on them or smelly cat food cans. Flatten all cardboard boxes. Really large boxes should       be flattened and left in the upper garage next to the Dumpster Room doors.
REMODELING: Architectural Rules and forms are available in the Lobby Office and for download at http://www.PacificTowerHOA.org. Know the limits and get written permission from the              Board before making any revisions to your unit.
STREET PARKING: No parking 1St Wednesday of the month, Wilbur St. (North side) 10 AM to 2 PM and Cass Street (West side) 7 AM to 10 AM. No Parking, 1St Thursday of the month, Wilbur St, (South side) 10 AM to 2 PM Cass St. (East side) 7 AM to 10 AM.
TRASH CHUTE: No cardboard boxes of any kind, EVER!  No glass. Put garbage in a sealed plastic bag.
TV/CABLE: Free basic cable plus SHOWTIME and INTERNET from Spectrum comes with your unit.  If  you want AT&T, premium channels or hi-speed, you will have to contact them and pay for it.
WIFI: In the gym/RecRoom. 
CONTACT INFO: On-Site Maintenance Office, Joseph Arellano Cell 619.339.3490.  Land.  858.272.0860   Joseph.PTCA@gmail.com
Professional HOA Consultants (PHOAC) After- Hours 619.430.0695.
              PHOAC Daytime Non-emergency 619.229.0044
Community Association Manager (at PHOAC) Ryan Anaya 619.229.0044 Extension 20. Or Email ryan@phoac.com

Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller, Edited by Trish Mylet
On-Site Maintenance Cell Phone (Joseph Arellano) 619.339.3490 – Call or Text
On-Site Maintenance Office Land Line - 858.272.0860
Professional HOA Consultants (PHOAC)-  619.229.0044
PHOAC Emergency After- Hours - 619.430.0695
Community Association Manager – Ryan Anaya 619.229.0044  ext. 20 Ryan@phoac.com
PHOAC Accounts Receivable - payments@phoac.com

Saturday, February 22, 2020


Dear Boardie, every time I take a shower, my ceiling and walls become wet, even though I took great care to close the sliding shower door.
Q. Why is that?
A. Most obvious reason: Your vent is dirty.
Q.  Are you saying that box with little slats above my toilet is a vent?
A. Yes.
Q. How come it isn’t working?
A.  It’s dirty.
Q. What should I do?
A. Clean it.
Q: How?
A. Get a small ladder and a vacuum cleaner with a long hose. Or you can dig out that hand-held vacuum your sweet, romantic hubby gave you for Valentine’s Day.
Q. Any other ideas?
A. A broom is better than nothing.
A. Use a computer dust spray can.  
I’ve cleaned the vent and my walls are still wet after my shower! 
Q. How does the damn thing work?
A. The vent looks like a chimney inside. On top, on the roof is a fan which draws the dampness out of the vent chase.
Q. How can I test to see if my vent is drawing?
A. Place a Kleenex over the front and let go. If it stays, it’s GOOD, the vent it’s pulling air out.
Q. What if the Kleenex falls to the floor?
A. Make sure your windows and doors are closed and your stove vent is off. Test again.
Q. Why can’t I replace my old vent with an electronic fan vent?
A. Your 1973 vent is equipped with a Fire Safety mechanism. In case of fire, the vent will close, so the fire cannot travel from unit to unit.
A. Also, removing the vent face and peering inside the chase enables plumbers to get a view of the shower plumbing without tearing out the wall.
Q. Any other bright ideas?
A. Leave the bathroom door open a little when you shower, but in case you’re singing, remember to be considerate of others when belting out My Way. You are no Frank Sinatra.


Bye Bye Menas, Hello PHOAC

Your board has left Menas Realty and has signed up with Professional HOA Consultants. You have no doubt received a mailing from PHOAC with lots of info to give and asking for some info from you. If you did NOT get this package or you threw it out by accident, please call or email them to request another. You need to know where to send your monthly check.
Our new Community Manager at PHOAC is Ryan Anaya.
Email = Ryan@PHOAC.com or call Ryan at 619.229.0044

Monday, January 20, 2020


Imagine you’re in the shower belting out My Way at the top of your lungs, when suddenly you’re drowned out by a shrieking alarm. Womp! Womp! Womp!

DO YOU GUESS: This can’t be good?

BINGO: You would be right. It’s important to stay calm but not too calm because, Fire?

DO YOU: Finish the song? Or find a towel, fast?

STOP. THINK: Would I rather stay in my unit and die of smoke inhalation or be seen on Wilbur in my ratty pink bathrobe? Hard choice, admittedly.

BE PREPARED: Along with your family album, always have your best silk kimono within
reach in case you have to leave in a hurry.

KNOW THIS: Pacific Tower loves you and there are numerous ways it protects you in
case of fire.Obviously we’re the opposite of a woody log cabin.Concrete versus wood is
good.Also, there are censors all over the building connected to a fire detection computer
that’s also connected to the fire department.All our doors are fire-rated not to melt for two
hours.The FD inspects the property annually to make sure all is safe.Not only that…

FUN FACT: Your unit has TWO alarms – SMOKE AND FIRE! What’s the diff? That 5” white round plastic thing (probably over your bedroom door) is a smoke alarm. It’s not connected to the rest of the building. It’s yours.You can get one at Walmart for 18 bucks plus 9 Volt batteries or you can get the fancy-shmancy combo one that also includes a carbon monoxide detector (39 smackers).You’re required by our CC&Rs (AKA the building rules) to have at least one working smoke alarm (and reminded to swap out the batteries annually).

IF IT IS CHIRPING: It’s trying to tell you – I need new batteries ASAP!

EXAMPLE: Say you left a pot on the stove and went into the bedroom to binge watch a
Three Stooges Marathon.The Stooges aren’t as funny as you remembered and you nod
off.You wake up to a smoke-filled room and your smoke alarm is blaring.

GENIUS: You immediately trace the smoke back to your stove where your mac and
cheese has turned into black and sleaze.
DO: Turn stove off.
IMPORTANT: Do not let your kimono sleeves catch fire.You’ll never forgive yourself.
DO: Turn off and reset your alarm in case the I Love Lucy marathon has the same effect.
DON’T: Leave the building.Stay home, open the windows and have fun trying to rehab
that Revere Ware you just destroyed.


IN YOUR HALLWAY: There’s the 3” X 4” rectangular fire alarm. It goes off if there’s a fire anywhere in the common areas of the building like the garage, dumpster room, boiler room, laundry rooms, hallways, lobbies and storage rooms. It’s also connected to our local Fire Station #21, and they are no doubt, on their way the second after our alarm goes off. 

DO I STAY OR DO I GO? It’s not a bad idea to leave the building. It COULD be a false alarm, but why chance it? Skip the elevator and take the stairs down - you could use the exercise. Consider it an opportunity to:

• Get away from the deafening shrieking alarm.
• Meet your neighbors.
• Show off that silk kimono.
• See cute firemen.

Karyl Miller - Writer. Trish Mylet- Editor

Thursday, January 2, 2020


Dear Boardie,
Q. Why does the catwalk railing look shiny and new while mine looks dull and old?
SIMPLE ANSWER: Our cleaning staff cleans and shines the railing weekly whereas you rarely or possibly never have cleaned yours.
Q. Okay I admit it. It’s been years. Is there any hope for my balcony railing?
A. Yes!
LONG ANSWER:  All you have to do is A) clean your railing with soap and water. B) Rub lightly with soft steel wool. C) Shine with a soft cloth saturated with ZEP or WEIMAN Stainless Steel Polish. Yes, it smells uggy like WD40, but that smell will dissipate.
Q. What if I hate the smell of Eau de WD40?
A. Wear rubber gloves, a clothes pin on your nose and direct the spray into your soft cloth.
Q. What if I don’t have time to go to the hardware store to buy this?
Q. Why spend money if I only need a few spritzes?
A. Building Manager Joseph will lend you a can for ONE DAY or less.

Dear Boardie,
Once my railing is clean, my balcony floor will look dirtier than ever!
Q. What’s the easiest way to clean my #$^&*# textured balcony floor?
A. Wait for a rainstorm and while every balcony is wet, sweep with a stiff broom.
Q. What about when it’s dry?
LONG ANSWER: It’s important NOT to drip down on your neighbor, so do NOT throw a bucket of soapy water across your balcony (no matter how tempting). You’ve got to clean just like Cinderella: Get a bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush. Get down on your hands and knees and scrub a few feet at a time. (Wear headphones playing Lizzo if that makes you happy.) Sop up the water using the entire Society section of the San Diego Union Tribune. Then scrub a few feet more. Sop up the water using the entire Sports section. Repeat. Building Manager Joseph will lend you kneepads for one day if you ask him nicely.

Dear Boardie,
Q. Why are plants prohibited on balconies?
A. Plants are permitted AS LONG AS they have a plastic, non-porous
plate underneath.
Q. Why?
A. Despite the protective coating painted on top of your balcony, the concrete is porous. If water gets into the concrete – either from a plant, a wet rug or from a hole where the fencing meets the concrete, it can travel down to the rebar that holds up the structure. Once the rebar gets rusty, it eats the surrounding concrete, compromising the strength of your balcony. We want your balcony protected. If you spot a possible water intrusion, notify Joseph immediately.



Dear Boardie,
Q. What if I see a violation happening - such as a person loading furniture into the elevator on a weekend? Should I find and tackle a Board member and  make them stop the crime?
A. No. Board members are not the building police (although they are probably more familiar with the rules than most). The Board has the task of evaluating and possibly issuing a fine AFTER an owner submits a written violation report of something they saw with their own eyes.
Q. How can I get a blank Violation report?
A. Ask the Building Manager or download a blank Violation Report from PacificTowerHOA.org.
Q. What if a renter sees a violation such as smoking on a balcony?
A. Renter would have to get the owner to make the report because only homeowners can report Violations.