Monday, March 23, 2015

Recycling VS. Garbage: What's the Diff?

Recycling is good for everybody, but it’s not fair to your neighbors to just toss a cardboard box or a bag with food particles in the laundry room and walk away.

FOOD WRAPPERS with food particles in them or a take-out box with cheese stuck to it or a Starbucks container still containing a drop of coffee are NOT Recycling.  If there’s food on it, it’s considered garbage and it should be put in a plastic bag, tied at the top and dropped down the garbage CHUTE. The reason: Old food smells and attracts bugs and vermin.

BOXES need to be emptied of packing paper and then opened on both ends and flattened: this is the owner’s job. Thanks in advance. Large boxes need to be collapsed and taken by you down to the engine room in the upper garage. Your main house key will open the double doors.

 Thank you for your consideration.

What's That !&*# Noise?!

                              You know how sometimes you’re sound asleep dreaming of tranquil beaches and little birdies tweeting and suddenly there’s a crashing noise like a 747 going through your ears? And your heart is pounding out of your chest and you’re thinking what-the-Hell?! That’s the sound of some jerk tossing glass bottles and who-knows-what down our trash chute.

So be a nice neighbor.Don’t throw glass bottles down the garbage – that’s for recycling. And DON’T use the chute after 9 PM. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pacific Tower, a HOTEL?!

Lots of news articles have been popping up lately about people renting out their condos thru internet websites like Airbnb. The Pacific Tower Homeowner’s Association wants to remind OWNERS that renting out your place for less than 90 days is NOT allowed. In other words, you can only rent out your place four times a year at most,  AND you MUST submit a copy of your lease to the onsite Manager’s Office for logging by the HOA Rental Committee. Owners should note that these rules also apply to your Renters who attempt to sublet a portion of their place.

                                The Reasons Behind our Rules:
We don’t want our building used as a hotel because weekend guests don’t know or even care about our rules. We don’t want strangers who are vacationing and eager to party, smoking, bringing food or glass bottles to the pool, going for a midnight swim, tossing their wet suits over the railings, stuffing banana peels or Drano down our delicate garbage disposals, giving out our entry access codes to their new-found pals and doing all the careless things strangers can do when they’re occupying somebody else’s property.
                          If You Rent Out your Condo:
1.    Advertising must state 90 Days as the minimum number of rental days.
2.    Rental agents must be notified of Pacific Towers 90 day rule.
3.    Renters must notify our onsite Manager when moving out.
4.    Owners must give renters a copy of the Rules and Regulations (available for $5 from onsite Manager or Menas Realty).

      What Happens if I Ignore the Rules and rent My place on weekends or other short terms?
                     The Board will find out and has the discretion to fine you for every day you are not in compliance with our rules (thus removing the profit from your rental scheme).

The above is an abbreviated, reader-friendly version of the Rules. Below are the the actual rules.                             
                                                 The Rules
Short term occupancy of units in Pacific Tower is prohibited and the Owner may be held liable for fines arising from violations of any one or all of the following sections of the CC&Rs.
Section 3.3; Section 3.4A; Section 5.10; Section 6.1B; Section 6.1C; Section 8.2 A-B-C-D and F; and Section 9.1. The applicable Rules that may result in penalties for violation by such activities are Rules Section A.2; Section B.1 (a-b-c-and d); Section B.3 and Section H.10.  
The Board has the primary responsibility to protect the Common Areas and the interests of all the members / Owners / residents in Pacific Tower.

Community association living requires the full cooperation of all residents to be a good neighbor. Getting to know and complying with the Governing Documents is a good start. With a little consideration and understanding, all residents within Pacific Tower may enjoy the quality of life provided by living here.

The success of our community is founded on the basic principles of common decency, respect and consideration for the basic rights of all neighbors.  The Board urges all Owners to consider the Governing Documents as a ready reminder of the various obligations residents have to one another in day-to-day living at Pacific Tower.

Squeeky Clean

STAIRS: People who take the stairs instead of the elevators will be pleased to notice how clean they are! Yes the Board has taken action and had the stairs AND both garage floors hydrojet washed!
LANDINGS: Our outdoor stair landings on the North side of the building (which get no sun) were getting weathered so rehabbing has begun by the OnSite Manager’s Office and our new helper Gerry Gutierrez will bring them back to life.