Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stuff It!

Dear Boardie,
Q. What should I do if I stuff an artichoke in my disposal and it gets stuck in there?
A. Call a plumber. While you’re waiting Google “What Not to Stuff in a Disposal” or see our blog for tips and links.
Q. Will the building pay for a plumber?
A. No. You stuffed it, you pay for it.
Q. What if the stuffing was my neighbor’s artichoke? I don’t even like artichokes.
A. Sinks (and the pipes) are back- to- back in every stack except for 05, so it’s not always easy to assign blame. 10 -11 stack are mates, and so on.
Q. What should I do next time I have a stuffing or a leak of any kind?
A. Contact your neighbors next door and above and below immediately. They could be effected. Call a plumber. Pay the plumber or share the cost with your neighbor if they are also stuffed.

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Dear Boardie,
 Q. What should I do with my giant TV cardboard box from Amazon?
 A.  All boxes (pizza, shoe) should be flattened and put in the recycling bins in your laundry room.  BIG boxes (TV, moving) should be flattened and taken downstairs BY YOU,  to the upper garage dumpster/trash “Generator” room.  Thanks in advance.

Dear Doggies

Dear Doggies
Why are you peeing in the Pacific Tower flower beds when there’s beautiful luscious green grass growing just a few steps beyond our building?
Just Curious