Saturday, September 12, 2015


Our trusty Maintenance Manager John McLean is currently convalescing at home from surgery and should be back by the end of October. John has been a best friend to this building for 15 years and the feeling is mutual. If you want to leave a Get Well Card or write a personal note for John,  Marvin Mendez will collect and forward your cards in a bunch. We're sure John would love to hear from you.


Dear Boardie,
Q. What does an HOA board member do, exactly?
A.  Approves All Spending, such as (but not limited to):
Employee salaries, insurance, repairs, maintenance, upkeep of the common areas, purchasing of all new items like our new Exercycle, new floors for the elevators (on order), WiFi in Rec Room/Gym etc. 
ALL WHILE KEEPING IT AT $400 per month
B. Supervises our Maintenance staff of three
C. Reviews Architectural Requests and approves/not approve them
D. Evaluates all Violation Reports for compliance
E. Writes or re-writes rules like The New(ish) Animal rules and Rec Room Rules (available in the Maintenance Office)
F. Happily answers any and all questions about the building 


So sorry to report that Pacific Tower has lost its second cat this year due to falling off the balcony. Even Plexiglas surrounding your balcony railing will not stop a curious cat from leaping onto or trying to leap onto the top of the railing and slipping. Our hearts go out to the owners of the beloved deceased cats.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Dear Boardie, why are you so strict in enforcing every rule - even the most trivial?
A.    Whatever rule you’re breaking, ask yourself, what if everybody did it?
     Say A hangs their wet, sandy beach towel over their balcony railing. 
           B sees it, assumes it’s an okay thing to do and drapes his wet suit over his balcony. C sees the towel and wet suit and strings up a laundry line with baby diapers. D decides to air-dry sheets she’s tie-dying for her Etsy shop. E hangs out a duck he’s drying for Chinese cooking class etc. etc. Well, you get the idea.