Monday, March 19, 2018

The Landlord, The Renter and the HOA

90 days is the shortest lease Pacific Tower allows. Airbnb and all the others of its ilk are on our naughty list. Why? Because vacationers don’t know they’re not supposed to swim after 9 PM or hang their dripping wetsuits over the railing or smoke outside or party like it’s 1999!  We’re not a hotel. For most of us, this is our #1 and only Home Sweet Home. Bevis and Butthead think if they’re shelling out the big Benjamins to be here, they can do whatever do what they want. Wrong!

We have renters who have been Pacific Towerites since the Reagan era and newbies who just moved in. The number fluctuates, but out of 118 units we have around 40 renters. What rights do renters have? For instance, what if renter wants the HOA Board to take action because his upstairs neighbor is clog dancing on the concrete? The renter would have to ask his landlord to file a Violation Report with the HOA in his behalf. Renters are not invited to monthly Homeowners Meeting because they are not homeowners. Them’s the rules.

Let Us Know, Let Us Know…We hate being last to know that someone new moved in. How embarrassing, asking a stranger where they’re going and finding out they’ve been living here for two months. New tenants should check in asap by texting the Building Manager at 619.339.3490. Karyl will be happy to show renters which keys are which and give them a personal 4-digit intercom passcode. New renters should know they cannot move in on a weekend or during the evening. Reason why: there’s no PT Staff to unlock the wide lobby double doors, no one here to magically transform an elevator into a padded FREIGHT elevator and to lock it down. Lastly, the landlord is required to give us a copy of the lease.

If you’re a San Diego landlord and can maintain your unit yourself, good for you. If you’re an absentee landlord and your income property is a state away, you might need a property manager. The Building Manager can’t be expected to be your  property manager. Nuff said.

An absolutely free copy of our wonderful Rules & Regulations is just waiting for you to peruse. Please gaze upon its sumptuous list of Things You Can’t Do! It can be found on our website Happy reading!