Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Three Stars of Pacific Tower

         Thanksgiving may be over, but it’s important to acknowledge the contributions of our three dedicated Pacific Tower superintendents: John McLean, Marvin Mendez and Forrest Graham. John has served PT for 14 years, Marvin 10 years and Forrest two years (but we’re hoping he’ll stay till his hair turns grey too). Besides the daily cleaning maintenance, garbage and recycling duties, the men are called upon for every event and emergency. They pad the elevator for movers and swab the deck when a keg gets spilled in the lobby – and worse.

       John has the additional duties of getting bids from vendors - from window washers to elevator repairmen. John also coordinates roof access for cell tower repair, and was key in scheduling the many competing vendors for our massive remodel project. He also logs in newbies, updates the Excel census files, passes out mail-box keys, rents out the Rec Room and logs in new canine residents; and when stuff breaks down, he knows how to fix it or who to call. John also does the monthly walk-thru with our Menas Manager – looking for things that might need upkeep or noting Rules and Regulations violations such as balconies being used for storage.

      Both John and Marvin have gone beyond the call of duty, racing back here for occasional after-hours emergencies, and Forrest gives up his weekends for us. Maintaining a building of twelve stories plus two garages requires constant vigilance and upkeep and The Pacific Tower Governing Board is so pleased to have such dedicated men helping us. 

Re-Creating Beauty in our Recreation Room

      If you’re not a regular gym visitor, you may not have noticed our Rec Room has been fantastically upgraded. Thanks to the perseverance of board member Carol Foreman, all the chairs and bar stools have been beautifully reupholstered and the tables whitewashed. John, Marvin and Forrest cleaned the wood part of the chairs and tables. Carol collected bids from vendors, and with fellow board member Pat Nemeth, selected the gorgeous new color combinations. With the recent painting and carpets, the room looks brand new! 

June Crandall RIP

The Board of Pacific Towers regrets the passing of longtime PT resident June Crandall. June was a 39 year resident of PT. She almost never missed a Board meeting, was a Fire Floor Captain for the fifth floor, counted votes for our annual Board elections and always helped decorate the lobby Christmas tree. She was artistic, maintained a beautiful home and undeniably enhanced our Pacific Tower. She was active till she could no longer be active. Memorial services will take place in January with details still pending.

Sauna Like it's 2015!

                     Our Sauna floor has been beautifully repaired by John McLean. If you haven’t taken a sauna lately, or avoided it because the old wood floor seemed scarily springy, come on back – the sauna is waiting for you! 

Oh Christmas Tree... Needles

             After Christmas, those with live trees need to get them out of the building and take them to a tree drop-off site.  The needles and branches make a mess, the dryer and older they are; so please wrap them in a sheet before you take them into the elevators or sweep up after yourself if you need to. Everyone would appreciate it.

Recycling Boxes

                          We hope Santa brought you everything you asked for and all those gift boxes are no longer a mystery. Recycling is good for everybody, but it’s not fair to our maintenance men if you just toss a box in the laundry room and walk away. Boxes need to be emptied of shipping peanuts and wrapping paper and then opened on both ends and flattened: this is the owner’s job. 
*Large boxes need to be collapsed and taken by you down to the engine room in the upper garage. Thanks in advance.