Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Residents got a rude awakening when our elevators stopped operating around 8 PM New Year’s Eve. Getting stuck in an elevator or climbing up 12 stories in your Spanks ‘n Manolos is nobody’s idea of how to bring in the New Year. Climbing down with a dog who wants to pee pee ASAP on the coldest night of the year – also not fun. There was plenty of unhappiness and inconvenience to go around. Many people called Menas emergency hotline. Two of your board members spent their New Year’s Eve trying to troubleshoot the situation with our emergency elevator repairman and on the phone with our building superintendent John McLean.

At press time we are expecting explicit reports on exactly what happened with the elevators. The board shares your frustration.


The rules of recycling are simple: One plastic bin is for cardboard and old newspapers and the other is for cans and bottles that have been washed and dried.

Please, please do not leave food particles on anything. It will smell and draw bugs and vermin.

A cereal box with a little cereal is NOT OK.
A pizza box with cheese stuck to it = NOT OK.

It only takes an extra minute to be a good neighbor.

Thank you!