Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stuff It!

Dear Boardie,
Q. What should I do if I stuff an artichoke in my disposal and it gets stuck in there?
A. Call a plumber. While you’re waiting Google “What Not to Stuff in a Disposal” or see our blog for tips and links.
Q. Will the building pay for a plumber?
A. No. You stuffed it, you pay for it.
Q. What if the stuffing was my neighbor’s artichoke? I don’t even like artichokes.
A. Sinks (and the pipes) are back- to- back in every stack except for 05, so it’s not always easy to assign blame. 10 -11 stack are mates, and so on.
Q. What should I do next time I have a stuffing or a leak of any kind?
A. Contact your neighbors next door and above and below immediately. They could be effected. Call a plumber. Pay the plumber or share the cost with your neighbor if they are also stuffed.