Monday, March 23, 2015

Recycling VS. Garbage: What's the Diff?

Recycling is good for everybody, but it’s not fair to your neighbors to just toss a cardboard box or a bag with food particles in the laundry room and walk away.

FOOD WRAPPERS with food particles in them or a take-out box with cheese stuck to it or a Starbucks container still containing a drop of coffee are NOT Recycling.  If there’s food on it, it’s considered garbage and it should be put in a plastic bag, tied at the top and dropped down the garbage CHUTE. The reason: Old food smells and attracts bugs and vermin.

BOXES need to be emptied of packing paper and then opened on both ends and flattened: this is the owner’s job. Thanks in advance. Large boxes need to be collapsed and taken by you down to the engine room in the upper garage. Your main house key will open the double doors.

 Thank you for your consideration.