Tuesday, September 22, 2020

September Newsletter

 Dear Boardie,

Q. My kitchen sink is backing up. I know the 01-02 stacks, 03-04 stacks, 06-07 stacks and 08-09 each         share sink pipes. How do I find out if my neighbor’s sink is stuffed too?

Q. I keep hearing water dripping at night in my bathroom. How do I check with my neighbor to find out if   they hear it too?

Q.  It’s after 6 PM and my neighbor is drilling past the 5 PM time limit. How do I contact them?

Q. My neighbor is blasting Led Zeppelin music! How do I contact them to ask them to turn it down?

A.  All these questions can be solved by knowing your neighbor’s name and phone number.

Q.  How do I get those?

A. Take the initiative. Knock on each door. Tell your neighbors you’re making a private list of everyone     on your floor and ask if you can add their unit number, their name and their phone number to have in     case of emergencies. Type up and print out the list so everyone has a copy. (Boardie did                            this on her floor. Everyone cooperated! )

P.S. Anything involving water, sink back-ups, unexplained dripping sounds, water around the bottom of     your toilet, even a dark spot under the sink that could be a leak, please call or text our Building             Manager Joseph immediately. 619.339.3490

Pajama Party

August 10 the Board held a special meeting about the new roof on the computer app Zoom. Because there is so much interest in this project twenty-three owners “attended” via their computers. Poor attendance at Board Meetings is the norm, but when you can attend in your PJs and close to our snack stash, it’s the hottest ticket in town! Since the pandemic hit, many of us have become used to attending our Zumba classes, our informational webinars and now our HOA Board meetings on Zoom. Could Zoom be a trend, even after the pandemic? Let’s hope.

Dear Boardie,

Q. My neighbor hangs their wetsuit over their balcony railing, so does that mean I can do it too?

A. No, you can’t do it and neither can your neighbor. Please don’t hang anything – towels, flags,                   laundry over your railing. It looks ugly and it’s against the rules. For a copy of the Rules &                      Regulations - download from our website http://www.PacificTowerHOA.org

Q.  My new neighbor parks in the lower garage and is storing their used packing boxes between our              cars. So dumping cardboard boxes in the garage is okay?

A. Not OK! Your neighbor is not allowed to store anything in their parking space. Some owners, if           space allows, can squeeze a motorcycle in front of their car. But, anything that could be a fire hazard       will be removed and thrown out by our staff within 24 hours.

Q. I just moved in. Can I dump my bike with the other bikes I see in the lower garage?

A.  No. Please visit Building Manager Joseph Arellano to register your bike and get an ID sticker. He’ll          help you find an empty rack spot or see in certain cases, see if your bike can be hung on the wall.         If  you can’t connect during working hours, send him a text.

Covid Updates

As of this writing, no one in the building has caught Covid. Yay!

Everyone must wear a mask in the common areas of the building.

Wash your hands upon entering your unit.

Practice Social Distancing.

Only 10 people allowed in the pool area at a time.

Only 2 people allowed in the gym at a time and they must wear masks.

Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet