Tuesday, September 22, 2020

October Newsletter


4 members were added to the board for two years. Here are the vote counts

Karyl Miller 78,  Julie Menas 49,  Mark Cabaj 45,  Robin Del Pepe 29,       Jared Meyer 11


Dear Boardie,

Q. Is it okay to drape my wetsuit over my balcony railing?

A. No.

Q. How about my wet beach towel?

A. Uh uh.

Q. How about storage? Can I store stuff on my balcony?

A. Nope. Only patio furniture is allowed. Plants are okay IF there’s a plastic saucer under.

Q. How about a laundry line? Is that okay?

A. You gotta be kidding. Nobody wants to see your skivvies blowing in the wind.


RECYCLING VS. GARBAGE: What’s the diff?

Dear Boardie,

Q. Why recycle?

A. Recycling is good for everybody when it’s done right.

Q. What are the guidelines?

A.  We thought you’d never ask. Thanks! (It’s not that hard.)


BAD: FOOD WRAPPERS with food particles in them or a take-out box                             with cheese stuck to it or a Starbucks container still containing a drop of                             coffee and are NOT Recycling.


GOOD: If there’s food on it, it’s considered garbage and it should be put in a            plastic bag, tied at the top and dropped down the garbage CHUTE. The                         reason: Old food smells bad, especially cat food cans and attracts bugs and vermin who love bad smells.


AMAZON BOXES: Need to be emptied of packing materials and then opened            on  both ends and flattened: this is the owner’s job. Thanks in advance.                               

Large boxes need to be collapsed and taken by you down to the Dumpster                  Room in the upper garage. Your main house key will open the double                            doors.

 PIZZA BOXES – Never throw a pizza box in the trash chute.                                               

Q. Why not?


A. Pizza boxes often open as they travel down and block the chute. After that, garbage from higher floors gets backed up until the box can be fished  out, along with all the garbage on top of it. This puts a giant yukky burden on our  maintenance staff.


IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to scrape cheese and pizza particles off before you put your pizza box in the recycling.



 By the time you read this our elections for the board will have been completed, but the winners will be announced in the next newsletter because this newspaper had to be put to bed by September 15. We thank everyone who took the time to vote. However, for the uninitiated…


Dear Boardie,

Q. What does an HOA board member do, exactly?

A.  Approves all spending, such as (but not limited to):

§  Employee salaries, insurance, repairs, maintenance, upkeep of the common areas, purchasing of all new items like gym equipment, and replacement of all items both big and small like a new roof, all while working to keep your monthly dues down to $450.

§  Supervises our Maintenance staff

§  Reviews Architectural Requests and approves/not approve them

§  Evaluates all Violation Reports for compliance

§  Writes or re-writes rules

§  Happily answers any and all questions about the building

Covid Updates

As of this writing, no one in the building has caught Covid. Yay!

Everyone must wear a mask in the common areas - elevators and stairwells of the                                      building.

Wash your hands upon entering your unit.

Practice Social Distancing.

Only 10 people allowed in the pool area at a time.

Only 2 people allowed in the gym at a time and they must wear masks.



Recently our security cameras video-d a young man snooping into cars in the upper-                         garage and trying door handles. Remember not to leave anything showing on your                         seats that would tempt a would-be burglar and always lock your doors.


Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet