Wednesday, June 17, 2020

How to Be More Secure

As a precaution for Coronavirus transmission, our lobby door has been propped open during the day to minimize touching the handle. It gets closed around 5 (and if you come home at 5:30 and it’s still propped open – please move the sandbag and close the door).
Recently around 6 PM our Lobby security cameras caught a group of five young men letting themselves into the building using a pass code. They had towels and swim fins, obviously intent on taking a little dip in our swimming pool. Luckily they were foiled in their attempt because they had no key to the pool. But we don’t want any strangers wandering around the building.
So, it’s worth reminding people NEVER USE OR GIVE OUT the Mailman/FedEx’s secret 4 digit pass code (if you know it). The more people who have that code the more chance every Tom, Dick and Harry One-time Gig Worker can come back and just let themselves in any time they want. Not cool.
Your Pizza deliveryperson, furniture deliverymen or laborers should ONLY be punching in your separate passcode issued only to you. During Covid, we were hoping you would meet the deliverymen in the lobby so that fewer people pass through the building. However…
1.    Dial the resident’s personal unique SECRET 4 digit access number. Example: #5555 (don’t forget to type in the # hashtag) and the door will open.
2.    Dial the resident’s 4-digit Unit Number to call the resident’s phone so they can buzz you in.
Unit 215, Dial 0215 (we added the 0 to make it 4 digits)
Unit 1213, Dial 1213
(Note – not every phone is connected to the intercom.)