Monday, June 1, 2020

June Newsletter

Dear Boardie,
Q. All we hear about is Covid, Covid, Covid. Isn’t there any other news in the building?
A. There’s plenty of other building news but the pandemic will still be with us by the time you read this.

COVID PROGRESS REPORT. At the time of this writing, we know of no person in the building who has caught Covid. That’s very good news, but not time to let down our guard against this highly contagious and deadly disease. Wash your hands 20 seconds as soon as you come home. Wash your hands immediately after returning from the Laundry Room. Wear a mask.

BUILDING MANAGER – Our dedicated Building Manager Joseph Arellano is now back full time, and we appreciate his daily troubleshooting. BUT please practice Social Distancing and do not enter his office. Stand no closer than his doorway to chat with him. Call or text him at 619.339.3490. The virus is no excuse to ignore a problem in your unit like a leaky toilet or hearing a sound that seems wrong. Call Joseph!

LAUNDRY ROOM – Try to be alone. If someone is folding their laundry, come back later. Sure it seems unfriendly, but this is the new friendly.

POOL – The new Covid pool rules are working. No more than about ten swimmers can occupy the pool area, NO GUESTS. Our lounges will be washed down twice a week. Please remember to limit your sunning to 2 hours so others can enjoy the pool too.

ELEVATORS – This Covid rule needs to be taken more seriously. This is a time to NOT do the polite thing and invite strangers to crowd into the elevators with you. This is the time for Social Distancing. Try to ride the elevator alone or with your partner or take the stairs. Please don’t take offence if the elevator stops on your floor and the riders inside hold up their hands in the Stop Sign – choosing to ride alone. Forgive them. They are just being safe.

MASKS – Please for the sake of your health and the health of others, wear a mask. A mask will also create barrier so you don’t inadvertently touch your nose or mouth (which is how the virus gets in). 

PIZZA DELIVERY – If possible, meet your delivery person in the lobby so that less strangers from outside are in our elevators and hallways.

BUDDY SYSTEM – We thank our volunteer Buddies who have been helping residents in various ways such as computer coaching over the phone, getting groceries for people, going to the post office, rolling up notices and putting them on 118 doors and posting notices on the laundry room bulletin boards. If you are sequestered and need a Buddy’s help, contact Buddy Coordinators Brandt Montgomery or Karyl Miller. 


ANNUAL MEETING - Due to uncertainty about the virus we were not able to schedule our normal June Annual Meeting and Board Elections. Elections and Annual Meeting are postponed till possibly August or September.
There are also new State rules governing HOA Elections (having nothing to do with the virus) that must be adopted by the board this year. You will be getting a special mailing informing you about the elections and inviting you to nominate yourself. The annual meeting will probably take place on computer using Zoom and you will be given a notice on to how to log on.
Incentives to vote: As usual, we are offering one free month ($450) dues to one lucky voter. So vote!

UPDATE - ROOF! FINALLY! Our new roof project will begin around June 15 and will go on for about two months. First the old roof will have to be removed. A trash tunnel will be set up going all the way down to the street. It will be noisy and dirty and we are sorry for the inconvenience. Due to the virus precautions, roofers will be wearing masks in the common areas, and will have their own portable toilet

Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet