Monday, April 27, 2020

Coronavirus Update

Dear Boardie,

Q. What is Pacific Tower doing to protect us against Covid 19?

A. Pacific Tower HOA is doing its best to keep you safe. Things change daily so it’s a good idea to check the lobby bulletin board for the most current info.

It’s possible some people in Pacific Tower will come down with this highly infectious disease. They might have a light case or a severe case but either way, we want to make sure we do everything so that they have a successful quarantine and that they do not infect others.

If you are healthy but out of an abundance of caution are sheltering in place that’s good. Remember to disinfect your door handles and wash your hands the minute you get back from the laundry room or getting your mail. Open the package at your door and remove the contents. Dispose of the box in the laundry room and wash your hands immediately.

If you have contracted Coronavirus we urge you not to leave your unit for any reason. Stay off the elevators, stay out of the hall and laundry rooms and don’t get your mail. If you do not have a friend or family to help you, Pacific Tower has instituted a Buddy System. We will help connect you to someone who can go get a few groceries, medicines and other essential supplies so you do not need to leave your unit and they will leave them at your doorstep.


If you want to volunteer to be a Buddy or you need an errand run by a Buddy, please call or text Karyl Miller or Brandt Montgomery They are the Buddy Organizers and connect people in need with a Buddy who can help. You don’t need to be sick to have a Buddy helper, for example if you are elderly or have an underlying medical condition. But if you are sick, we need to know ASAP.

BUILDING MANAGER - Joseph Arellano will be here Monday, Wednesday and Friday till 12 or as needed and can be reached every day by call or text from 8 to 5 at 619.339.3490.

ELEVATORS – Please honor the 6-foot Separation Rule. If the elevator is occupied, take the next one or take the stairs. Crowding in is very DANGEROUS.

SENIORS - Our most vulnerable residents need your help to isolate themselves.
If there is a senior on your floor knock on their door and ask if you can run an errand for them. Some don’t use computers. Give them your phone number. Find out if they have a family member helping them in emergencies.

GYM and REC room – CLOSED. Pool – is open and safe to use due to chlorine but gym bathrooms are closed. Lounges have been removed since they cannot be disinfected but you may bring your own beach chair. Please stay 6 feet apart and consider wearing a facemask.

PACKAGE DELIVERY – Delivery persons have touched hundreds of doors and packages every day. After you handle your package, break down the box, wash your hands and deposit it in the laundry room. After returning to your unit, wash your hands right away. Make a habit of washing your hands each time you enter your apartment.

PIZZA and TAKE-OUT DELIVERY – Please meet the delivery person in the lobby. We are trying to minimize contact with people who visit many people whenever it is practical. (Eating take-out food isn’t entirely safe either because fast food workers do not get a day off if they are sick.) After properly disposing of the containers, place food on your clean plates and zap it in the microwave.

LAUNDRY ROOMS - Try to be alone. If someone is in there, give them a few minutes and come back later. Wash your hands right after using the trash chute, the machines and touching the door handle.

TRADESMEN and CLEANING SERVICES – Must check in at the office. Contractors must pledge that if a worker is sick with a cold, they will send them home immediately.

STAFF – Maintenance staff is working at reduced hours to minimize interacting with others. Joseph will be working from 8:30 AM to 2 PM. Do not enter Joseph’s office. Marvin is not coming in at all but our janitorial service is coming here every day.

TOILETS – Use only toilet paper. Baby wipes, paper towels and rags will stuff the plumbing and it could easily back up into your bathtub! If you must use something other than toilet paper, put it in a zip lock bag and toss it in the garbage.

Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet