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Pacific Tower FAQs 

 Dear Boardie, I forgot – what does FAQs mean?
A. Frequently Asked Questions. It’s impossible to know everything about the building, so here’s a handy updated list with new phone numbers and websites. Rules listed aren’t the ONLY rules, but these are the most often broken. Vendors and tradesmen listed are some we use but you are always free to choose your own.

Please visit our blog for lots of helpful articles and downloads, including our Rules and Regulations and other forms. Please see, call or text on-site Building Manager Joseph Arellano, with any and all questions, no matter how trivial at 619.339.3490.

AFTER-HOURS BUILDING EMERGENCIES: Professional HOA Consultants - 619.430.0695
BALCONIES: No plants without plastic plates underneath them. No smoking, rugs, laundry/wetsuits, towels, storage, BBQs, decorative string lights.
CATWALK: No smoking, party-ing, loud yakking, running, noise, music, wet towels or doormats.
CONSTRUCTION: 8 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday. Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM.
ELEVATOR RESERVATION FORM: Required for use of the elevator for delivery of furniture or removal of  remodeling debris etc. $50 per day.  Available on our blog, website or in the Lobby Office.
GARBAGE DISPOSALS: No Drano, Liquid Plumber, celery, artichokes, etc. Please use your common  sense or check the internet. And don’t forget to run lots of cold water while grinding.
HANDYMAN: West Coast Repairs (Doug Peters) 619.760.7975
KEYS: Your large square key opens the Front Lobby doors, Dumpster Room, Exterior stairway doors, Lower Garage Lobby Doors, Pool and Rec Room. You can get a second key for a deposit of $75. 
LOWER GARAGE GATE REMOTES are $35, available in the Lobby Office by check or money order.
LAUNDRY: You can use the machines on any floor.  Leave washer door open after using to prevent mold. Empty lint filter after using dryer. Do NOT prop open Laundry Room Doors by order of the Fire  Department.
LOBBY OFFICE HOURS: 8 AM to 5 PM weekdays. Call or text 619.339.3490.
LOCKSMITHS: IF the Lobby Office does NOT have your spare key you will need to call a locksmith. Never leave your spare key in your laundry room locker as they are easily broken into.
              Dup-a-Key 858.750.2224 (local in PB), Mike Grizzly Keys 858.444.0437.
MAID/CLEANING SERVICES: Please tell maids and cleaners not to throw boxes down the trash chute because boxes clog the chute.)
              Spanish: Por favor no tire cajas o bolletas por el ventedero dobasura.
              French: Ne pas jeter de boĆ®tes dans la goulotte.
              *Please don’t shake mops or beat rugs on the catwalk or balconies.
              Spanish: No sacuda los trapeadores ni golpee las alfombras en la pasarela or balcones.
              French: Veuillez ne pas secouer les vadrouilles ni battre les tapis sur les podiums ou les balcons
              *Don’t dump water on or over the balcony.
              Spanish: No tirar el agua en el balcon.
              French: Ne jetez pas d’eau sur le balcon.
MOVING IN, OUT OR LARGE DELIVERIES: Absolutely forbidden on weekends and evenings.  The reason is because there is no staff here to unlock the lobby double doors or to lock down and pad the elevator. Violators may be fined $250, so please take a weekday off work for this purpose and always fill out an elevator reservation form.  For last-minute deliveries, text the office at 619.339.3490.
PARKING: You can rent out or swap your parking place only temporarily.  It is deeded to your unit.
PEST CONTROL: Dewey Pest 858.272.3611.
PETS: Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Anyone can download Pet Rules from     
PLUMBERS: Report any plumbing question (sink, toilet or water where it shouldn’t be or even the  sound of dripping) to the Building Manger so he can see the problem before it gets worse.
JC Plumbing 619.477.5001, Emory 858.483.6880,  Ramona Pacific 619.439.1830
POOL: Hours 8 AM to 10 PM.  Don’t dive, smoke, shout, play loud music or have glass bottles or food.
RECYCLING BINS: For paper, plastic and washed and dried cans. No garbage or containers with food particles on them or smelly cat food cans. Flatten all cardboard boxes. Really large boxes should       be flattened and left in the upper garage next to the Dumpster Room doors.
REMODELING: Architectural Rules and forms are available in the Lobby Office and for download at Know the limits and get written permission from the              Board before making any revisions to your unit.
STREET PARKING: No parking 1St Wednesday of the month, Wilbur St. (North side) 10 AM to 2 PM and Cass Street (West side) 7 AM to 10 AM. No Parking, 1St Thursday of the month, Wilbur St, (South side) 10 AM to 2 PM Cass St. (East side) 7 AM to 10 AM.
TRASH CHUTE: No cardboard boxes of any kind, EVER!  No glass. Put garbage in a sealed plastic bag.
TV/CABLE: Free basic cable plus SHOWTIME and INTERNET from Spectrum comes with your unit.  If  you want AT&T, premium channels or hi-speed, you will have to contact them and pay for it.
WIFI: In the gym/RecRoom. 
CONTACT INFO: On-Site Maintenance Office, Joseph Arellano Cell 619.339.3490.  Land.  858.272.0860
Professional HOA Consultants (PHOAC) After- Hours 619.430.0695.
              PHOAC Daytime Non-emergency 619.229.0044
Community Association Manager (at PHOAC) Ryan Anaya 619.229.0044 Extension 20. Or Email

Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller, Edited by Trish Mylet
On-Site Maintenance Cell Phone (Joseph Arellano) 619.339.3490 – Call or Text
On-Site Maintenance Office Land Line - 858.272.0860
Professional HOA Consultants (PHOAC)-  619.229.0044
PHOAC Emergency After- Hours - 619.430.0695
Community Association Manager – Ryan Anaya 619.229.0044  ext. 20
PHOAC Accounts Receivable -