Saturday, February 22, 2020


Dear Boardie, every time I take a shower, my ceiling and walls become wet, even though I took great care to close the sliding shower door.
Q. Why is that?
A. Most obvious reason: Your vent is dirty.
Q.  Are you saying that box with little slats above my toilet is a vent?
A. Yes.
Q. How come it isn’t working?
A.  It’s dirty.
Q. What should I do?
A. Clean it.
Q: How?
A. Get a small ladder and a vacuum cleaner with a long hose. Or you can dig out that hand-held vacuum your sweet, romantic hubby gave you for Valentine’s Day.
Q. Any other ideas?
A. A broom is better than nothing.
A. Use a computer dust spray can.  
I’ve cleaned the vent and my walls are still wet after my shower! 
Q. How does the damn thing work?
A. The vent looks like a chimney inside. On top, on the roof is a fan which draws the dampness out of the vent chase.
Q. How can I test to see if my vent is drawing?
A. Place a Kleenex over the front and let go. If it stays, it’s GOOD, the vent it’s pulling air out.
Q. What if the Kleenex falls to the floor?
A. Make sure your windows and doors are closed and your stove vent is off. Test again.
Q. Why can’t I replace my old vent with an electronic fan vent?
A. Your 1973 vent is equipped with a Fire Safety mechanism. In case of fire, the vent will close, so the fire cannot travel from unit to unit.
A. Also, removing the vent face and peering inside the chase enables plumbers to get a view of the shower plumbing without tearing out the wall.
Q. Any other bright ideas?
A. Leave the bathroom door open a little when you shower, but in case you’re singing, remember to be considerate of others when belting out My Way. You are no Frank Sinatra.