Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pacific Tower April Newsletter 2021


Yes, it finally happened. Spring has sprung. The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. Daylight saving is here, so we sprang forward an hour. So 5 PM became 6 PM and it’s still sunny after returning from work! Yay!


For seniors, our endless year of Covid quarantine is finito. Most of us Oldies-But-Goodies in the building have gotten our super-duper vaccinations and are now free to get back out there and resume living our active lives, hugging grandchildren, dining out, roller skating and of course Twerk dancing. There are several new restaurants in the area to discover - all offering outdoor seating. However, the CDC reminds us to still wear our masks, practice social distancing and wash our hands, but we can probably stop worrying about the damn thing (or the future mystery virus) killing us (at least for now).




Did you gain the Terrible 10 Pandemic pounds while you were vegging on your couch watching endless hours of Netflix? Who didn’t? But it’s not a problem: Join the club and by that I mean pop on down and test out our new and improved gym equipment in the gym/rec room. We finally sprung for a new treadmill! That old dog wasn’t going anywhere so we bid it adios!


And we didn’t stop there - we also bought a new Elliptical Trainer. If you have never tried one of these contraptions – you are in for a treat, albeit a sweaty one because you will be moving everything all at once.  

A reminder: For those who cannot be separated from your phones, we offer free WiFi in the gym. 

Until further notice, the common areas of the building like the gym still require masks.




People who park in the lower garage are now eligible to swap out their old remote entry clicker for a new and improved remote entry clicker. See our Building Manager Joseph.


Friendly reminder: Please do not store stuff in your parking place. Motorcycles are ok if there is space. But surfboards, packing boxes, baby paraphernalia, windows, plastic storage bins, oil drain cans etc. are NOT okay. Other people see your stuff and they assume it’s OK to store their stuff and the next thing you know; it’s a mess down there. Park your bike in the bike rack or if you have wall space behind your car, Building Manager Joseph will put up wall-mount bike rack for your bike. Thank you.




Dear Boardie:

Q. What do I do with the box my new 70” TV came in?

A. Please do NOT leave it in the laundry room – that’s for pizza boxes and things the janitorial staff can handle. Massive boxes with massive packing materials require contacting Building Manager Joseph. Call or text 619.339.3490



To: Owners and Renters.

The Lobby Office needs to be able to contact everyone in case of an emergency. If you haven’t given Joseph your cell number and your email, please do. During the pandemic, a number of people had their girlfriend/boyfriend move in or got engaged or even married. Congratulations. Could we have their info please?


Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet


Covid Updates and Rules

As of this writing (3.10.20), no one in the building has caught Covid. Yay!

Everyone must wear still a mask in the common areas – lobbies, elevators, stairwells, guy/rec room and pool area of the building. Please. Practice Social Distancing. Try to ride the elevator alone, if you are worried about catching Covid.

Only 10 people allowed in the pool area at a time and NO GUESTS allowed.

Only 2 people allowed in the gym at a time and they must wear masks (as in all common areas of the building).


On-Site Maintenance Cell Phone (Joseph Arellano) 619.339.3490 – Call or Text

On-Site Maintenance Office Land Line - 858.272.0860

Professional HOA Consultants (PHOAC) - 619.229.0044 After Hours Emergencies 619.430.0695

Community Association Manager – Keisha Kendall 619.229.0044 ext.16 email:

PHOAC Accounts Receivable -