Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pacific Tower January 2021


Historical Treasure Found in Pacific Tower Storage Room!

 Presenting the 1972 brochure for the soon-to-be built Pacific Tower condos (completed by 1974). “Spectacular Condominium Homes in San Diego’s Pacific Beach. The Pacific Tower is a 12-story steel reinforced poured concrete building constructed in conformance with the most modern engineering standards of strength and safety. The architect is Donald B. Schwenn, Architects Inc. of Phoenix Arizona.”

If you peek into our Building Manager Joseph’s office you will see two giant posters on the wall behind his desk that are actually details from inside this sales presentation.

 Are you wondering what it cost to be an original PT buyer? The following sheet was also found along with the brochure:

Just for fun, Google or Zillow or your address and find out how much your unit has appreciated over the past 47 years! Wow! Yes, everyone wants to live here. Some people have even paid above the asking price, just to live in our amazing community. And what is the first thing people do when they buy? Remodel. This leads me to a recent letter:

Dear Boardie,

Q. The construction noise coming from somewhere in the building is driving me crazy.

A. I feel your pain, literally since Boardie can hear it too. We all hear it due to our wonderful concrete construction mentioned on the previous page.

Q. What can I do?

A. Not much. Owners have the right to do repairs and remodel from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday.

Q. But what if I’m stuck inside, working from home because of Covid? Help!

A. Building Manager, Joseph Arellano can give you earplugs.

Q. That’s the BEST you can do?

A. You can try working in the Rec Room 210 which is further away from the construction.

    There are nice tables and chairs, plenty of sunlight and , of course, WiFi. 


Covid Updates

As of this writing, no one in the building has caught Covid. Yay!

Everyone must wear a mask in the common areas - elevators and stairwells of the building.

Wash your hands upon entering your unit.

Practice Social Distancing.

Only 10 people allowed in the pool area at a time and NO GUESTS allowed.

Only 2 people allowed in the gym at a time and they must wear masks.


Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet