Friday, August 13, 2021



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Five years ago, Pacific Tower added four beautiful brand new extra-large red shopping carts to our fleet of old grey smaller carts (maybe seven.) There should have been a ceremony, but we were busy at the time. Anyway, don’t you just hate it when you have a trunk full of frozen goodies from Trader Joe’s and there’s not one shopping cart in sight? So, you go hunting and finally locate one grey smaller cart (you wanted red and big) in the basement.

Q. So where are all the carts?

A. We’re sure there’s a scientific mathematical explanation as to the likelihood of our entire fleet sitting in one place at any one time ever, but it seems like the herd has drastically thinned out.

Q. Why does this happen?

Reason #1 Moving Carts. People move out and “borrow” the carts to load up their moving van. Then they leave them on the sidewalk near where their moving van was parked, or they just pop them into their van for the offload at their new place.

Reason #2 Kidnapped Carts. Carts people bring into their units and forget to return.

Reason #3 Ralphie’s Carts. Too many carts in the upper garage provide an invitation to any local dude who thinks it would be nice to have a free cart that cost Pacific Tower about $300 each. 

Reason #4 Forgotten Carts. A cart you borrowed, parked in the hallway, and forgot to return for 36 hours. Guilty as charged!

Reason #5 Contractor Carts. We use and contractors sometimes use the most decrepit grey carts to lug maintenance stuff around. They sometimes forget them in empty units.  

Reason #6 Elevator Wishes. You dump your returning cart in front of your elevators and run, trusting some better-citizen-than-you will return it to the basement!

Q. What can be done?

A. If you have a cart or spot one somewhere, please return it. In the meantime, your Board has ordered five (5) new carts, due late September.  

              CUBBIES VS. SAFES

Who would want to break into our cute little cubbies in our laundry rooms? We don’t know. It hasn’t happened in six years, but it happened twice last month. We have searched our security cameras but have uncovered no video of a possible perp lugging out his booty. Naturally, the victims feel horrible.For this reason, we want to remind everybody, never leave your house keys or anything valuable in your cubby. They are flimsy, private and easily broken in to. Cubbies are great for laundry detergent, bleach, mops, beach umbrellas, things of little dollar or sentimental value.




President – Mark Cabaj, Vice President - Karyl Miller, Secretary – Julie Menas, Treasurer – Anthony Mariucci, Directors – Troy Krich, George Kyrala, and  Robin Del Pape.



Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet


Covid Updates and Rules

As of this writing no one in the building has caught Covid. Yay!

Everyone is asked to still wear a mask in the common areas – or at least have one at the ready. Thank you. 



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