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            Did you know your balcony isn’t exactly yours? Your balcony is considered Common Area - for exclusive use. That means your balcony is sort of leant to you, and there are 16 rules about what you cannot do to it. Here are some of the key rules: 

Your balcony “cannot be redecorated, renovated or remodeled.”

Tiling your balcony or painting it an alternative color or swapping out the sconce light is a no-no. Having a rug that could be damp and could hide a hole or crack in the concrete is not permitted. Drilling holes for hanging plants falls under this category because your balcony is vulnerable to water intrusion. If water gets in through even a tiny hole and makes its way to the rebar, it will rust that rebar. Rusted rebar will compromise and crack the concrete and possibly weaken the balcony. This is why we also ask you to please, please have plastic saucers under every plant (available at Green Gardens right next door). Your HOA has spent and continues to spend big bucks to keep your concrete balcony in tip top, safe condition. We need your cooperation.

No signs, banners or flags can be affixed to your balcony.

Patio furniture only is permitted.

No storage is allowed.

No clotheslines or drying of laundry.

No BBQ or cooking.

Railing: Nothing may be attached except a windbreak of clear 1/8” plexiglass (no higher than the railing) or chain-link fencing that is the same as the chain link on the cat-walk. All other barriers such as chicken wire are not permitted.

Smoking: not permitted.


Want to see ALL the rules? For a digital copy of the Rules and Regulations, please visit our website







Pacific Tower Homeowner’s Association has a monthly meeting, usually the third Tuesday of every month and if you are an owner, you’re invited!  Meet your Board and neighbors. Find out where your $540 is going. We’d love to have you! If you get bored, you’re welcome to leave – no pressure.


Since the pandemic, we’ve held our meetings on Zoom instead of gathering in- person in the Rec Room and many owners have taken advantage of participating virtually from the comfort of their units. Pajamas are permitted if not too sexy.


At the beginning of each meeting, homeowners are invited to ask questions of the Board, raise issues or lodge complaints for five minutes per person.


If you have a computer and would like to get a Zoom invitation for the next meeting, please email If you don’t have a computer, you can still join the meeting by phone. Meeting announcement posted in the Lobby 4 days before the meeting gives the Zoom Meeting phone number so you can join by phone. 

                                          DON’T BE A DOORMAT

With apologies to Bed, Bath and Beyond, but please don’t have a doormat in front of your door. Maintenance needs to either mop or vacuum there and your doormat and/or your shoes are in the way. Please have nothing in front of your door. Thank you.



President – Mark Cabaj, Vice President - Karyl Miller, Secretary – Julie Menas, Treasurer – Anthony Mariucci, Directors – Troy Krich, George Kyrala, and Robin Del Pape.


Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet


Covid Updates and Rules

As of this writing no one in the building has caught Covid. Yay! But Delta is in the air. Everyone is asked to be careful. It ain’t over till it’s over. Social distance is still a good thing and so are masks. At least have a mask at the ready. Thank you. 




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