Friday, August 13, 2021


PACIFIC TOWER NEWSLETTER                                              JULY 2021

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                             BOARD ELECTION for 2021

By the time you read this, our elections will have taken place. Even though there’s a lag time between when the newsletter gets written and when you get to read it, we’ll take a gamble and say who the winners probably were because they ran unopposed. The incumbents (treasurer) Anthony Mariucci and (legal chair) Troy Krich probably won, as did newbie board member George Kyrala. Possible congratulations to them and whoever was the lucky winner of the month’s free dues!


The Board would like to take this time to especially thank our outgoing president Allen Voigt for his absolute dedication (even running Board meetings from Portugal - at 2AM his time - where he was stuck during the pandemic). Being Board president is a tough and time-consuming task, and yet, besides all that Allen  has taken the tiger by the tail in initiating both the roof remodel and the lobby remodel. So, we thank you Allen again and again!


Q. Speaking of that, what does the Board do exactly?


A. The board approves all spending, such as employee salaries, insurance, purchasing, repairs, maintenance/upkeep of all common areas and small and large jobs like roof replacement and lobby remodeling. The Board also reviews and votes on Architectural applications and Violation Reports. The board also periodically reviews rules and regulations. Board members also chair and are members of various committees. Board members also read many, many emails. Many.



 EMERGING FROM THE PANDEMIC?                   

Ain’t it great getting outdoors again? Do you feel like a bear who has ended its hibernation? Walking around the neighborhood, it looks like Paris (although less expensive) now that every restaurant has added a corral with outdoor seating. It’s all fun and games till it snows, but in the meantime, here’s a list of just some of the restaurants within-walking-distance:


Enoteca Adriano, Square Pizza, Better Buzz, Java Earth, Glazed Coffee and Creamery, La Clochette Du Coin, Mr. Fries Man, Swagyu Chop Shop (was Isobel’s Cantina), JRDN restaurant, PB Shore Club, The Firehouse, Second Nature, The French Gourmet, and many many more!



Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Trish Mylet


Covid Updates and Rules

As of this writing no one in the building has caught Covid. Yay!

Everyone is asked to wear a mask in the common areas – lobbies, elevators, stairwells. Please practice Social Distancing.


POOL is back to normal!




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