Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey Board, What Have You Done Lately?

That’s a fair question.  So, here’s a short list (just the Highlights) of what your Board did from June 2015 to June 2016:

Approved all spending including: employee’s salaries, all maintenance, all repairs, upkeep and renovation of the common areas, purchasing of office equipment and supplies - ALL for $400 a month.  Yay!

The Board reviewed all Architectural Plans and Violation Reports

Hired our new employee, Jeff Jacobs-Levardo

Created a new Excel database of owners/renters, their cell #, emails

Wrote and edited your monthly Newsletter

Added to our BLOG:, posted all Newsletter articles and our Rules and Regulations

Repaired spalling (concrete cracks) on every stack and balcony, pool deck, and garage

Remodeled both Gym bathrooms

Upgraded to new pool furniture and umbrellas

Upgraded to a new Rec Room fridge

Upgraded to new light fixtures for catwalk and all balconies (plus 200 lightbulbs)

Upgraded to a new cigarette disposal system for the front entry

Upgraded to a new doggie poop disposal station for the front entry

We thank our Board Members: Tom Ward, Carol Foreman, Kathleen Morgan, Bob Weber, Trish Mylet and Antoinette Hamilton

We also thank our Menas Manager Kristine Bermudaz

Thanks to all!

Karyl Miller