Monday, June 13, 2016

Boardie's Imaginary Suggestion Box

(A few neighborly ideas Pacific Tower-ers might want to try.)

Laundry Room – what if everybody marked their baskets so if you forgot to collect your laundry from the washer or dryer, your neighbor could knock on your door to remind you in the nicest way possible, that OTHERS ARE WAITING!  Believe me, they will thank you for not having to rifle through your laundry, searching for clues and wondering if those tiger-printed Calvin’s belong to you or the dude down the hall!

Lobby – What if puppy owners carried a roll of paper towels under their arm on their way to their walk?  It’s not unusual for happy puppies (who are being gushed over), to make it inside BEFORE they make it outside.  Totally understandable.  But leaving a puddle in front of the elevators while you race Fido out to make #2, creates a slippery slope of yellow.  Papering over that puddle and cleaning it up when you get back will win you one guaranteed ticket in Doggie Heaven (after you die, of course)!  

Pool Umbrellas – What if the last person leaving the pool area cranked down the umbrella and tied it shut so it doesn’t take off in the wind and poke somebody in the eye?  Wouldn’t you be nice?

Gym Men’s Room Toilet seat is ALWAYS UP.  Why? Q. What’s the first thing you see when you walk into our lovely redecorated Rec Room?  A. The Men’s Room door wide open and the bare-naked toilet seat up for all to see.  This image of an open toilet is beautiful only to a dog, and ironically, dogs aren’t allowed in the Rec Room.  So how about it, macho men?  

Wet Wetsuit.  Dear Boardie, if the Rules and Regs say I can’t hang my wet wetsuit over the railing of my balcony or on the catwalk railing, how the heck am I supposed to dry the damn thing?! A. Hang it on a hanger in your shower, then wait.  Haven’t you ever heard the saying time is the great dryer?  Important Reminder: Don’t shower during the drying process or you will set yourself back AND no doubt, be mad at yourself squeezing into a damp/cold/clammy wetsuit tomorrow.