Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Game of Thrones Man Cave?

Dear Boardie,
I’m planning on remodeling my condo into a Game of Thrones Man Cave. I own it so I can do whatever I want, right?
Signed, Homie

Boardie: Thankyouforasking and nooooo, you cannot do whatever you want.  You have to follow our HOA Architectural Guidelines.

Homie: “Architectural Guidelines?!  I have to conform?!  Bleech!  I’ll have you know Game of Thrones is considered visual candy of the highest order!

Boardie: Will there be a moat?

Homie:  Don’t worry, the alligators will be battery operated!  Why do you have to have so many rules?

Boardie: We have rules to protect everybody in the building from everybody else in the building.  What if your upstairs neighbor installed a wood or worse, a tile floor without the required regulation thickness of cork or cork-like lining under it and you started hearing them clopping around 24/7?  What if, even barefoot, their calluses sounded like the Russian Army was doing the Mambo on your noggin?

Homie: Filling out forms is bor-ing!  What if I just go ahead and do what I want and your rules be damned?

Boardie: The Board will and its lawyers could demand and possibly make you remove any unauthorized improvements at your expense.

All because the owner didn’t get architectural 1.  Guidance and 2.  Permission.

Homie: How can I protect myself and still make home improvements?

Boardie: John’s office is just itching to give away free copies of the newest Architectural Guidelines (only 2 pages!) plus a king’s ransom of blank Architectural Forms for owners to fill out and submit for board approval.
Download the Architectural Guidelines now at

Remember that old saying …
‘Tis better to seek permission than to seek a jackhammer.