Monday, April 18, 2022

May 2022 Newsletter



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If you are under age 4, have we got a pool for you (Thanks Joseph!)! Otherwise, you’re going to have to wait till June to dip your new Pandemic paunch in the grown-ups’ pool.


 While the pool was empty for the deck refurbishing and waterproofing, a storm came along and tore the shell up. Piece by piece just curled up.

 To fix it, the debris was removed, and then the surface had to be jackhammered to prepare for new concrete. A hidden crack was discovered going all around the pool, plus rusty, flaky almost non-existent 50-year-old rebar.

A structural engineer was hired to evaluate the damage and strategize a plan of repair. New repair bids were submitted (and the costs skyrocketed, of course).

We are now on a path to begin the extensive repairs – more like building a brand-new pool. There will be more jackhammering and possibly more delays as certain waterproofing materials are back-ordered. Once everything’s completed, the cement still has to cure for 30 days before we can add water.  

 We are as frustrated as you are about all these delays and have spent many hours working with the tradesmen to get it right. We can’t wait for summer and our beautiful new pool.

To complete the picture we are going add refurbished table and chairs, new umbrellas and color-coordinated potted plants.  


PT HOA meetings (for owners only) are on the 4th Tuesday of each month on Zoom. Send your email address to to get on the emailing list to get your Zoom invite. If you don’t have a computer, you can dial into the meeting using your phone. Meeting notice and Zoom phone number is always posted on the outer lobby four days before the meeting. Log on! At the beginning of each meeting, homeowners are invited to ask questions of the Board, raise issues or lodge complaints for five minutes per person. Find out where your dues dough is going. We’d love to have you!


If you get bored, you’re welcome to log off – no pressure. Since the pandemic, we’ve held our meetings on Zoom instead of gathering in- person in the Rec Room and many owners have taken advantage of participating virtually from the comfort of their units. Pajamas are acceptable (if not too sexy).


President – Mark Cabaj, Vice President - Karyl Miller, Secretary – Julie Menas, Treasurer – Anthony Mariucci, Directors – Troy Krich, Robin Del Pape, and George Kyrala.

                                     A WHOLE NEW WORLD

By now you have all received your welcome package from our new Community Managers – Menas HOA . If the name sounds familiar, that’s because for years we were married to Menas and got divorced and now, two years later, we are back in bed, so to speak. The original company merged with much larger community management company and it now offers us many advantages we could not find elsewhere. One of the great things about the new Menas is their online portal AppFolio.  Once you sign up and learn how to use it – it will absolutely streamline everything! Sign up for automatic dues payment, download an architectural application, check the calendar for meeting dates or events or request maintenance, with more downloads being added. AppFolio will have many of the downloads that our Newsletter/Blog has but will be way more thorough and inclusive. Log on to Menas Property Management and create an account.


Newsletter Written by Karyl Miller and Edited by Yuka Asada




On-Site Maintenance Cell Phone (Joseph Arellano) 619.339.3490 – Call or Text

On-Site Maintenance Office Land Line – 858.272.0860

Menas HOA Management – 858.602.3470

*NEW: After Hours Emergencies Call/Texting Service: 858-876-7870

*NEW: Menas Community Association Managers

Katrina Chavez        858.602.3470 ext.315 email:

Amy Hawkins            858.602.3470 ext.339 email:              

Accounts Receivable – Rachellina Elgin 858.602.3470 ext.118 email: