Monday, April 18, 2022

March 2022 Newsletter



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Dear Boardie,


Q. How come you have so many Rules & Regs?


A. Every rule has a reason behind it.


Q. Prove it!


A. Ask me about a rule, any rule.


Q. Why can’t we move in or out or receive large deliveries on weekends and at night?


A. The lobby double doors must be opened and secured after the job and there’s no personnel to supervise that. Also, one of our passenger elevators must be transformed into a freight elevator with padding. Then it has to be set up for the doors to temporarily remain open while all the furniture is being loaded into it. If the moving men keep forcing the doors open, the elevator will eventually shut down. Then we will only have one working elevator till the repairman comes at weekend overtime rates of time and one half.


Q. During a pang of guilt about the environment, I sold my gas guzzling ’55 Caddy. Why can’t I sell my parking space?


A. Your parking space is deeded to you with your unit. You can’t sell your kitchen, can you? Same thing. However, you CAN temporarily rent or swap your space as long as your “tenant” can be driven. Boats or storage are not allowed.


Q. Seems like the building is crawling with repairmen lately. What’s up?


A. When you’re fifty like Pacific Tower, it’s often time to think about a face-lift. A nip here, a tuck there. Your Board has been taking action, tackling many repairs all around the building. We have just completed major repairs in the pool equipment room and the pool deck. Soon we will be replastering the pool itself. After that, we have various balcony repairs, then a new roof and finally a new lobby. Yay!