Sunday, September 14, 2014

Those *#%&* Elevators!

      Recently, you might have felt that thrilling surge of your blood pressure spiking when the blare of a fire engine got louder and then STOPPED - and you thought “It’s here!”  Breathlessly, you run to your window or race down hallway. You peer down and see the ambient flash of a spinning Fire Truck Spot Light as it sweeps across the dark. Wilbur looks like the end of every cop movie you’ve ever seen. Heart pounding, you hope none of your favorite neighbors is having a heart attack.

      Someone was stuck in an elevator. “What floor?” I asked the fireman. “Not sure,” he says as he puts his ear on the elevator doors, thumps it and yells upward, “Fire Department! What floor are you on?” Getting no answer, he high tails it up the stairs. Moments later a muffled female voice is heard “Hello? I’m on 11. Hello?”  All very dramatic and over in minutes.  Our trusty 24 Hour Elevator Repair service got to work post haste. A part was needed, so the elevator had to be shut down temporarily. Etc. Etc.

      So what’s going on with the %&*# elevators? Short answer: They’re not young anymore. We all wish we were 41 again, but 41 is actually middle age in the life of an elevator. After a recent building inspection, engineers verified that our elevators are still good for another13 to 28 years. So, like people born in 1973, our elevators might need a little Botox now and then. We’ve been assured that they are completely safe and cannot fall. Getting stuck between floors was a rarity and help comes quickly. September 15 -19, Bergelectric will be replacing the electrical cables in each of our cars. Inconvenience will ensue. Lighting may be effected. Please be cool.