Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Rules for Fluffy and Fido

            You recently received a mailing from Menas containing a copy of our new Community Association Pet Rules and New Rec Room Rules. Your Board, along with Tom Ward and input from concerned residents labored diligently to hammer out the rules and the exact wording for the new official rules for both Pets and the Rec Room.
Q.  Why did we need new rules?
A.   The old rules were not specific enough. We felt the rules had to be stated clearly for the safety and enjoyment of everyone in the community. We increased the Pet Rules charges to cover the cost of cleaning and/or replacing soiled carpet and to send a message of how seriously we take our rules. We changed from charging for the Rec Room to taking a refundable deposit instead for “renting” the Rec Room instead. Forms for both are available from Menas. Owners should send a copy of the New Rules to their tenants.