Monday, August 11, 2014

Hey Mailman!

Recently you may have noticed that if you receive a package too large for your mailbox or it if needs a signature, a smiling postman DOES NOT show up at your door. Most likely you received a notice in your box telling you to show up at the Post Office and get the damn thing yourself. Why is this happening when Fed Ex and UPS seem to have no trouble coming right to our doors? Doesn’t the Post Office know you have better things to do than stand in and endless line waiting to sign for package from your Granny containing doilies she knitted from Mitten’s cat hair?! 

The Post Master claimed it was too difficult to get into our building (which is ridiculous). PROBLEM SOLVED: The PO is being given their own keys to the building, so soon they will have no excuse but to leave larger packages at our doors.  As to how this works out, we’ll keep you posted.