Tuesday, January 9, 2018

No Sweat Exercise!

No Sweat Exercise!
All You Do is Sit!
Wanna start the New Year out by creating a band-new you? You HATE gyms? No prob!
With this exercise, you only have to lift a finger (well ten fingers, to be exact).
The exercise is brain only, with the goal to become MORE computer literate.
Wouldn’t it be great NOT to get frustrated because your basic computer knowledge is so limited?
Wouldn’t it be great NOT to have to grovel before your ungrateful kids and impatient grandkids for computer help? Don’t you hate calling Tech Support and being treated like a dummy?
San Diego Community College Continuing Education Spring 2018 FREE computer classes are starting. The North County Campus is brand new and beautiful and has parking right there for only $10 for the entire year. School is at 8355 Aero Drive, which is across the street from Montgomery Field.
EXAMPLE: Beginning and Intermediate WORD classes (3 Mondays) begin Feb 5, Feb 12, and Feb 26 from 1 to 5 pm.
There are many other computer classes, so search online http://www.sdce.edu/schedule#/computers
or call for their catalogue schedule of classes. Pacific Tower Lobby Office has a printed-out schedule for some of the Microsoft Classes. Just ask.

Looking for a computer class closer to home? Wesley Palms has FREE Computer Classes every Saturday at 9:30 AM.  2404 Loring, Pacific Beach.  Join for the year for $15.  You’ll thank yourself!