Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Drain You Clog May Be Your Own

Ever had that sinking feeling when you jam two dozen corn husks into your sink garbage disposal and it REBELS? It just grinds and grinds wimp-ily and you know it’s dead and YOU KILLED IT?
Newsflash: The HOA is NOT going to pay your plumbing bill. You dood it, you pay for it.  Save yourself some money by learning about the care and feeding of a garbage disposal.
Google: What Not to put down your Garbage Disposal or Disposer which is what the experts like to call it even though nobody else does. Or check the million YouTube videos on the same subject - (not as fun as funny cat videos but will save you mucho dinero in the long run.)
List of Nos
Drano or any caustic drain cleaners! This stuff totally wrecks the pipes and there’s a 100% chance you will STILL wind up calling a plumber.
Grease - solidifies inside your drain like plaque in your arteries and gives our pipes a heart attack.
Pasta and rice – uncooked expands with water, causes big clog-oramas.
Coffee grounds, apple cores, pits, and seeds get caught in the drain.
Eggshells – membrane can wrap around the blades.
Bones -  use your common sense.
List of Yesses
Cold water for at least 20-30 seconds before and after grinding food.
Liquids and soft foods, chopped foods.
Liquid dish soap.
Ice cubes  - grind lemon flavored cubes for a nice smell. Don’t you want a sweet-smelling disposal?
Use your common sense and if you have none, trust Google!