Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I'm So Board!

Your seven HOA board members are volunteers dedicated to this building and the residents for which it stands.  The board supervises our maintenance staff, oversees each and every dollar going out of this building (be it regular maintenance, repairs and upgrades), all while holding our assessments at $400 a month.  Board members also head and serve on various committees (you’re invited, by the way!) like Architectural, Executive, Building, Human Resources, Landscaping, Leasing, Legal, Repair and Remodeling Committees. If you’re interested in being a board member, you’re welcome to nominate yourself when you get your ballot in the mail.  Four board positions are up for grabs in June.

Speaking of repairs and upgrades, remember our stained, rusty, dark and creepy-looking gym bathrooms?  The ones you wanted to shower with your boots on?  Gone!  Banished.  Finito! They have been upgraded to gorgeous new light and bright!  It almost made me want to work up a sweat -- just to take a shower!  I said ALMOST.  But feel free to avail yourself after your workout. Singin’ allowed and encouraged!

This was a long way around to thank a board member who pulled the entire bathrooms remodel all together – Carol Foreman.  Carol has been a devoted building volunteer for years.  She is also a past president of our Homeowners Association and has worked tirelessly for our benefit.  Do you love the new snazzy pool furniture and umbrellas?  Thank Carol - she picked everything out and made it happen.  She was a leader in the remodeling of the entire building hallways and rec room two years ago. The list of her contributions goes on and on!
Designing the bathroom upgrade and supervising it to its completion was a very time consuming and often frustrating task.  Millions of decisions had to be made.  Teams of tradesmen had to be coordinated and supervised.  Thanks to Carol from everybody! Your efforts are appreciated! 
Karyl Miller