Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Scourge of the Pizza Box

Is there anybody who doesn’t like Papa Johns?  Of course not!
Okay, maybe you’re a Dominos person because they give you extra fattening brownies in case your pizza isn’t caloric enough. Fine. No crime committed.

But the point is - that on any given evening, somebody in Pacific Tower is getting a pizza delivered. Is that a problem? Well, the pizza isn’t a prob, but the box is.

Q. WHAT do I DO with my pizza box after I eat my pizza?
A. Empty all the crumbs and cheese bits out and then put the box in recycling bin

Q. WHAT should I NOT do with my pizza box after I eat my pizza?
A.Do NOT throw it in the garbage chute! Even though the box may seem smaller than the chute, once it starts its downward spiral, it can become wedged in the chute.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?  People start throwing their garbage down the chute and it starts to pile up on top of YOUR wedged Pizza box. 

Next thing you know, when you open the chute, there’s garbage jammed in and backed up all the way to the 12th floor. Not a pretty picture, especially if it happens on a Saturday night when Maintenance isn’t on site to unblock it.  ‘Nuf said. Now enjoy your pizza.