Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Behind Closed Doors

Q. Have you ever noticed how some floors have their Laundry Doors Open 24/7 and others NEVER have their Laundry Room Doors open?

A. There's no way to sugar-coat it: The Floors with the Closed Laundry Doors are the Nice Floors.
And the Floors with the Open Laundry Doors are the Naughty Floors.

Q. What's the big wup about Laundry Room doors? 

A. The Fire Department requires them shut FOR SAFETY REASONS.  It's just a guess but -The laundry rooms are the only rooms in our building that have a natural gas line. If (heaven forbid) a fire started in the laundry room and the door was open, the fire could travel through the building. If the door was closed it would hopefully be confined to the laundry room behind the fire-rated door.

Q. But I gotta fold my shirts and it's a steambath in there. What's a dude supposed to do? 
A. A dude could prop the door open while he fluffs 'n folds and remember to shut it when he's done.

ACTION ON THIS ISSUE: The Maintenance Staff has been instructed by the Board to shut every Laundry Room door whenever they spot one open...and we applaud our good citizen neighbors for doing the same. It's for our own good!